Do You Need International Travel Health Insurance?

There are tons of vendors that would like to convince you that if you are going to be traveling abroad you need international travel health insurance. But is that really true or is this just a ploy to sell insurance? If you travel without international travel health insurance you are simply foolish.The trouble is that so many people that are going on vacation have already invested so much in their travel costs that towards the end they begin to get a little stingy and don’t want to part with any more money. At the end of that spending list is travel insurance which too often gets ignored.There are people on both sides of the fence – some say you are wasting your money with international travel health insurance while other say don’t leave home without it. For anyone that’s done a great deal of traveling they already know what the right answer is.Whether it’s a flight that’s cancelled, personal property that goes missing, lost luggage, a minor medical problem, or a serious medical issue outside your home country the right international travel insurance plan can keep you cool as a cucumber and out of further debt.Before you decide one way or the other there are some things that you need to consider. Is this your once in a lifetime vacation? Perhaps a smart idea to have all your basis covered and not have to worry about losing that opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps a little extra investment in flight cancellations, medical insurance, and luggage loss might pay off should something befall you on your travels.If you are going for a long stay abroad make sure that your travel health insurance covers serious medical occurrences. You might be surprised to discover just how weak the medical portion of your travel insurance is so make sure that you ask. Some plans only cover the cost of the physician and not hospital time or medication. Others only cover a designated area and if you decide on a whim to travel to another area you won’t be covered.There are all kinds of plans and all kinds of companies waiting to sell you travel insurance of all types. You can even get insurance for terrorist events if you like. There are many components that can be incorporated into travel insurance. There’s medical, accidental life, trip cancellation, lost luggage, dental, and more. Experts suggest you research a travel insurance plan thoroughly and make sure you are completely aware of the details of coverage before you buy. That includes deductibles, wait times, and a host of other details. Always read the fine print.Comprehensive package deals will most likely cover a little bit of every major aspect of your trip including basic trip cancellation, luggage loss, and a basic medical and/or dental plan, but, once again, shop around and be sure you really are covered.So to answer the question – Do You Need International Travel health Insurance ? we must say – International travel health insurance should be as essential as your tickets to your destination. Shop online and save a bundle plus you can price compare really easy. So what are you waiting for?

Travel Tips for Credit Cards At Vacations – Your Friend In Need!

One of the most important travel tips is to carry ample cash while going on vacation. However, keeping large amount of cash with you is not safe. International Credit Card is an alternate to avoid hassles of keeping cash. Here are some important travel tips and travel money tips to use your credit card:International travel tips for credit card usageThe first of the important travel tips for international travels is to find out from the credit card company if you can use your card in international locations. Also find out from the credit card company the charges that are applicable on your card. Confirm from them if the current PIN will work in other countries or you need an international PIN to use ATM machines at international locations and what are the conversion charges. It is also important to have their local help line numbers and the list of ATM locations close to the destinations you plan to visit. Free Travel and Airfare TipsYour credit card not only helps you pay for your vacations but also earns some fun-filled vacations for you. Some credit cards offers discount on international vacation if charges are made from their card and if you choose a hotel or airline from their list. Airlines Mileage Card offers bonus points every time you make a purchase. After making purchases from this card for 3-4 months, you can even get 1-2 free airlines tickets.Business Travel Tips for Credit CardCredit card security is very important while on international vacation. It does not take much time for a waiter to copy your credit card information and use it to go on an online shopping spree. Keep an eye on the waiter after you give your card. Ensure he does not take unusual time and does not get out of sight. Most hotels keep the credit card machines within the sight of the customers for assurance.While traveling abroad, you have to follow travel tips of financial safety while using your credit cards. Do not give your credit card or credit card numbers to suspected people and outlets. Avoid seeking help related to credit card usage from strangers.Cash safety travel tips during travel for seniors and womenSeniors and women are easy victims while on vacation. By following basic travel tips for cash and credit card safety, they can avoid financial loss and prevent potential threats. Keep the cash at least in two places. If you loose cash from one location, you still have cash to manage emergencies. Get a list of all ATM locations in the destination where you can draw cash. Do not wait to draw cash until you have spent the last penny. Do not take out large amounts of cash in public places. Do not disclose the amount tat you are carrying with you.Toddler travel tips for Credit CardsDo not give credit card to kids or minors. They can lose the card and land you in trouble situation. They can also spoil the magnetic impression of the card and render it useless. However, it is necessary to keep some cash in the pocket of the kids to handle emergencies.International Travel Tips for Credit Card LossesKeep the international number of the credit card company to promptly report loss of card. As soon as the card is lost, report it to company, find your balance to look for any frauds. This would be a great help for you to avoid financial loss related to fraudulent use of your credit card.